Recent changes in legislation now require the provision of smoke detectors in all properties that are being let. The new requirements are as follows: Smoke detectors will need to be installed on each floor of a property being let (a flat will require one and a two storey house will require two). Failure to provide smoke detectors will be a criminal offence and can lead to a fine or custodial sentence even if a fire does not occur. The battery maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant but the installation and supply is the responsibility of the landlord. Landlords can if they wish supply and fit the detectors or instruct a contractor to do this. In the event that a landlord wishes to arrange the installation of smoke detectors, then Randalls will require a disclaimer stating that the landlord is taking full responsibility for this action. Randalls are happy to arrange this on the landlord’s behalf.

At Randalls we have been working to secure the services of fire and Carbon Monoxide risk management providers and are prepared to arrange the risk assessment and management for your property.

  • Landlord or agent to provide and install smoke detectors.
  • Battery maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant.
  • All private tenanated properties are included in the legislation.