Recent changes in legislation now require the provision of smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors in all properties that are being let and that have solid fuel burners – and soon gas burners also. The new requirements are as follows:

Carbon Monoxide detectors will be required in any room that has a gas or solid fuel appliance. This could include an oven, hob, boiler and gas fire. A property that has all four of these devices would require three detectors, given that the oven and hob are in the same room. To follow the legislation, the detector does not need to be in a fixed state; however, it is highly recommended that not only is the detector fixed to a static point, but photo evidence of compliance is taken. Landlords can, if they wish, provide and install the detectors or instruct a contractor. Randalls Property Agents are happy to arrange that the detectors are provided installed, and documented to a satisfactory standard.

Where landlords choose to conduct their own detector installations, there are companies that can provide this service directly to landlords. In this event, Randalls Property Agents will require a disclaimer stating that the landlord has taken full responsibility for the Carbon Monoxide risk management.

  • A carbon monoxide detector is to be installed in each room where there is a gas or solid fuel appliance.
  • Replacing batteries is the tenant’s responsibility.
  • All private tenanted properties are included in the legislation.